BESIX takes six prizes at the first Benelux BIM Awards

BESIX takes six prizes at the first Benelux BIM Awards

Dutch projects Velsertunnel, University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool) Utrecht, Terraced Tower, and the combined Lekkanaal widening/ Beatrix Lock 3rd chamber project, along with the Stuifduin crematorium in Belgium, all received awards from the panel of judges.

Monday, December 11, 2017 — On Thursday 7 December the first BIM Awards for the Benelux, organized by Bouwkroniek and La Chronique, took place at Quay01, Brussels. The panel of judges, consisting of eight construction sector professionals, examined 46 particularly well-executed projects displaying state-of-the-art technologies, professional management and an innovative approach. Among the winners in the six categories (infrastructure, industrial projects, public projects, tertiary or commercial projects, pioneering/original and BIM Award of the Year), BESIX carried off no less than three first prizes – including the BIM Award of the Year for the Beatrix Lock/ Lekkanaal –, two Silver Awards and a Bronze Award.

BESIX, "Big in BIM"

"BIM" is an acronym for "Building Information Modelling". It is a set of methods and technologies that optimize the design, execution and management of a construction project. With BIM, the building is represented in a three-dimensional model, encompassing all relevant information.

For BESIX, BIM is the essential interface between the physical and digital aspects of the construction industry. Since 2010, we have been exploiting the new opportunities that BIM brings to the sector. We have put together a strong team that has participated in over 70 tenders and projects around the world. The successful implementation of BIM in these projects is dependent on having properly trained professionals and the right support technology.


Awards in 5 out of 6 categories

  • BIM Award of the year

The grand prix of this ceremony went to the Lekkanaal expansion/Beatrix Lock third chamber project at Nieuwegein in the Netherlands, by the Sas van Vreeswijk consortium (BESIX, Heijmans and Jan De Nul Group). Infranea was BESIX’s BIM partner on this project. The Beatrix Lock is the largest inland navigation lock in the country, situated on the Lekkanaal, the main direct connection between the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. With this canal travelled by ever larger ships, the lock was in danger of turning into a bottleneck. In granting this award, the jury praised the "holistic view of data management, going far beyond the coordination of 3D models. The players in this project have struck a successful balance between the human aspect, technology and processes" (La Chronique). The overall project is expected to be completed by 2019.

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  • Infrastructure works

The Velsertunnel, which passes under the North Sea Canal not far from Amsterdam (Netherlands), took first prize in this category. Hyacint, the consortium established by BESIX with Dura Vermeer, Spie and Croon Elektrotechniek, took on the renovation of the Netherlands' oldest national tunnel. Infranea was BESIX’s BIM partner on this project as well. The judges highlighted the innovative combination of BIM, system engineering, 3D scanning, virtual reality and mobile applications on this project. The renovated tunnel was reopened to traffic in January of this year.

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  • Public projects

The University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool), Utrecht project, carried out by the BESIX-Strukton Worksphere joint venture, took second prize in this category. Without the use of BIM at both the design and execution phases, it would have been impossible to meet the specifications and tight deadline for this project, which will be finalized in the first quarter of 2018. The BIM model will remain in use during the 15 years of the maintenance phase.

  • Tertiary or commercial projects

The Terraced Tower in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, took first prize in this category. This tower owes its name to the terraces that will occupy the entire width of the housing units, offering a spectacular view of the city and the River Maas. Following on the Montevideo (158 m), New Orleans (152 m) and the Maas (165 m) towers, BESIX Nederland will be again contributing to the Rotterdam skyline with this 100 m residential tower. The teams followed a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for this project, useful amongst others to develop 4D and 5D animations, meet client requirements and ensure close follow-up on both planning and budget. The tower is scheduled for delivery to client Provast in 2018.

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Our regional entity Vanhour (with several partners) also won the second prize with its Stuifduin Crematorium project at Lommel in the province of Limburg (Belgium).

  • Pioneering/original approach

BESIX won the third prize (Bronze Award) in this category with its Velsertunnel renovation project (see above).

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