BESIX teams up with Brussels architects at the Architecture Exhibition in Venice

BESIX teams up with Brussels architects at the Architecture Exhibition in Venice

Thursday, June 23, 2016 — One year after delivering the Belgian pavilion for the Milan World Expo, BESIX is once again in Italy. This time the 15th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale, the international ‘high mass’ of contemporary architecture, provides the occasion.

Introducing contemporary urban concepts to the floating city

As part of the Belgian contribution to the Biennale, BESIX happily gave its support to the Brussels branch of ORG Permanent Modernity, architecture and urban design office, who executed the Belgian installation named 'Monument for an Open Society'. BESIX supported this project by building it.

Festive opening in the presence of Sven Gatz and Alexander D’Hooghe

The official inauguration was celebrated on May 26th in the presence of the Flemish Minister of Culture Sven Gatz, the President the VAI (Flemish Architecture Institute), Wivina De Meester and Alexander D'Hooghe, professor at the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU) and Director of the Organization for Permanent Modernity. Alexander D’Hooghe was recently nominated by the Flemish government as curator for the covering of the Antwerp Ring. From BESIX Jean Polet, General Manager BU Europe, and Gunther Egghe, Commercial Manager BESIX Vlaanderen, attended the opening ceremony.

Teaming up with architects for better results

This joint project is a perfect example of the kind of close collaboration aspired by BESIX. BESIX is indeed an advocate of the “Building Team” formula in which the commissioner, the contractor and the architect are in constant dialogue as from the preparatory phase of a construction project. All parties can directly bring in their own expertise, whether the latest knowledge in operating execution, material selection and cost calculation in order to achieve an optimum and viable project. With its in-house engineering department, BESIX understands the language of the architect and can integrate it perfectly in the formula.   

Jean Polet, BU Manager Europe for BESIX: “At a time when the industry is searching for ways to eliminate waste, cut costs, improve productivity and create positive outcomes for the customer, architects and contractors, as well as engineers and subcontractors, need to team up. All parties look together for optimal solutions instead of being confronted to crossed controls or distrust.”

Win tickets for the Biennale!

The 15th International Architecture Exhibition, organized by Biennale di Venezia is presided by Paolo Baratta and titled REPORTING FROM THE FRONT. The curator of this edition is Alejandro Aravena. The exhibition is open to the public till Sunday November 27th 2016 at the Giardini and the Arsenale.

BESIX has free duo-tickets on offer for the first five readers who send a mail with their contact details (first name, last name, BESIX email) to Make sure you are quick to react!

Regarding ‘Monument for an Open Society’ by ORG: the contemporary urban warehouse

Along the main Arsenale quay, ORG exposes models illustrating its architecture: models and sound installations placed under a gallery of life-size concrete porches, temporarily connecting Anderlecht to the Venetian lagoon.

The installation is inspired by the masterplan 'Abattoir 2020'. The plan develops urban and architectural strategy to convert the industrial district of Anderlecht slaughterhouses in a mixed urban environment. ORG has guided and designed the redevelopment of the area for more than 8 years with Luc Peeters, Head Architect. The first building, 'Foodmet', was delivered in June 2015 by Jacques Delens, regional construction company in the BESIX Group.

The multifunction market is built around a coherent architectural style, ie, large precast concrete panels. The designers call them 'platonic panels' because of their large unusually shaped cutouts that give them character.

Gunter Egghe Commercial Manager at BESIX